Lamborghini Huracam is the fastest camera car in the world


When you buy a Lamborghini supercar and use it with a gyro-stabilized camera, you get the Lamborghini Huracam. The car started at $200,000 and, after partial disassembly, installed a $600,000 camera in its small front trunk.

No matter how fast the car you want to shoot, this massive high-end and fast camera device captures the absolute best quality video. Huracam is built by Incline Dynamic Outlet, a company with a reputation for aviation cinema photography and universal joint technology.
The company said it took months to develop , manufacture and install the camera’s frames and controls.

The universal joint itself comes from a company called Gyro Stabilized Systems. The built-in camera is the Red Epic 8K. The Huracan itself is not as good as the giant camera it is installed on. Still, the 600-horsepower V10 engine has a torque of 413 lb-ft, and Huracam is sure to keep up with most of the vehicles you want to shoot.

Incline Dynamic Outlet

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