Joule – A Lightning Network Browser Extension


the first extension (Joule) was released for the Google Chrome browser to integrate the features of Lightning Network , the second layer of Bitcoin.
This is a rather interesting novelty , since to date use Lightning Network remains an operation for those with a minimum of competence , therefore not for beginners. The extension for the famous browser of the Mountain View giant should soon be made available also for Brave and Firefox.
At the moment it is in Alpha, as it is a very early release . So it is not possible to install it semi-automatically from the Google Chrome Store as it happens with other browser extensions. It is necessary to download the package from the GitHub repository HERE of the developer Will O’Beirne and then proceed with the manual installation of the extension.

Let’s see what features it offers.
Joule: wallet Lightning Network on browser

Joule, this is the name of the extension, can be seen as the counterpart of MetaMask for Ethereum, but intended for the Bitcoin Lightning Network . Through the utility with its rather intuitive graphical interface it is possible to interface with the Lightning network and thus carry out operations , as well as receive payments in an easy way.

Features of Joule
Joule, despite being the first release, already offers interesting features and possibilities. In fact, it is possible to execute transactions or request payments with a click, both on the classic Bitcoin network and on Lightning Network . Not only that, you can also check the history of your transactions and take advantage of other advanced features. As a complete wallet therefore.

You can then manage the open channels and your capacity, as well as synchronize the settings between all your PCs with the plugin installed. Even the setup should be quite easy, since you just have to point the extension to your private Lightning Network node to take advantage of the above features .

I conclude by recalling that this is a very first experimental release (Alpha). Therefore maximum caution. Naturally the project is Open Source. For all the details I refer you to the project website: CLICK HERE

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