Jacket made of Graphene


According to New Atlas, high-tech outdoor clothing company Vollebak likes to use gadgets and advanced materials. The company recently launched a jacket called the Graphene Jacket, which is clearly made of graphene.

“Parts are coats and some are scientific experiments,” the Graphene Jacket jacket uses a nanomaterial coating that many people like very much. It is unclear what benefits this ultra-light, ultra-high-strength, ultra-high-conductivity coating is applied to the jacket.


Vollebak wrote on its website: “Purchase and put on a graphene jacket is the next stage in writing the history of graphene experiments.”

Consumers interested in this product can join the company’s waiting list, and the final sale price is not yet public.

The Graphene Jacket waiting list. Launching Summer 2018. Made from the only material on the planet with a Nobel Prize.

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