Bethereum uses blockchain technology to make social betting fair


On May 14, 2018, the United States Supreme Court ruled that the entire United States bet was legal and in 1992 it abolished the “Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act.” After the federal fire, Delaware became the first company to offer sports betting for personal games. But even though the Supreme Court deals with national needs and rights, what about the players’ needs and rights?
Blockchain Technologies In social gaming, Bethereum uses distributed ledger technology to provide players with full transparency and fairness. Today, Bethereum has opened its public sales.

The online platform combines blockchain technology with gamification elements, creating a betting experience that the company claims its users trust. As Bethereum said: “In the traditional bet, the house always wins, but the Bethereum casino cannot win because it no longer exists.”

Bethereum CEO Giacomo Tognoni said, “Traditional betting is plagued by a series of key challenges. “The general lack of transparency and trust, high fees, low profitability, low social participation, regular winners are often banned, restricted or abused. Cost. “Traditional payment methods are obsolete and costly to implement. We use a decentralized solution that is managed automatically by smart contracts.”
These smart contracts list the terms of each bet. The platform then maintains trust, interacts with the deity to verify the outcome of the bet, and then automatically pays out all bonuses. Once smart contracts are deployed and implemented without manual intervention, the risk of manipulation is eliminated. Beats are provided to smart contracts through oracles (trusted data feeds) that can obtain their data from multiple data sources, and perform a consensus algorithm to validate the source data.

“From a usability perspective, online gambling looks more like a science than an interesting activity,” Tognoni said. “That’s why we want to demonstrate every feature as intuitively as possible – for example, we recently launched a simplified World Cup game and it won the favor of the players.”

Bethereum recently completed a successful pre-sale campaign with more than $4 million in revenue. In addition, Bethereum won the last place in the ICO competition, where more than 150 projects won the biggest prize in blockchain competitions.
The combinatin of smart contracts and distributed ledgers is very useful for the gaming industry, but Bethereum also includes gamification.
Bethereum also added a powerful gamification element, which is what the industry really misses,For example, Bethereum integrated social chats, achievements and badges, leaderboards, games and leagues, making the experience more like a game than a transaction. This is crucial for player retention and retention. Gamification and social activities make us build such an amazing community in a totally organic way.

Of course, the idea of a non-existent “house” is somewhat metaphorical. Like any other startup, Bethereum still needs to make money.

“In our solution, the player’s funds are still consistent with the players and they just move from one group to another,” Tognoni said. “However, we will receive a 3.75% bonus to offset the convenience of betting services and support for platform and application development.”
Bethereum is more than just a B2C solution. It also applies to partners.
Tognoni said: “We also provide B2B products by using our technology to provide white labels for specific operators and traditional bookmakers with third-party sales revenue.

Bethereum’s next product

We are completing our token sales and the agency sales have just begun and will end on July 31, 2018,” Tognoni said. “The focus will shift to the promotion platform, our agreement and our social betting app, which will work hand-in-hand with the community to ensure that we stay up-to-date and provide solutions for them. They are really grateful and at the same time we are already looking for potential Partner candidates and begin to get the required betting license.



Techbullion – Interview with the CEO of Bethereum

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